Little One
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things I love:

  • daddy
  • daddy being sweet
  • daddy when he calls me princess
  • daddy when he calls me a good girl
  • daddy in bed
  • daddy when he looks after me
  • daddy
  • and daddyyy

It's the little things

Me:daddy, remember when I said you're the only man I'll ever Love?
Him:Yes. Why?
Me:I just thought I should let you know that I meant that... So if we ever break up I'm going to date girls
Him:Well Princess, let's not even think about that because when I said forever I meant it, you are my world, everything in it, and everything surrounding it . You're stuck with me for life, baby. But if you want a girlfriend... I wouldn't mind that
*crawls up into his lap and melts*
Me:and that's why you're the best.
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